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Brace Friendly Food

The braces are relatively fragile and require care and caution when eating. It is advisable to avoid foods which may break the brace. After you have had your appliance placed, you should consider eating soft foods as your teeth might feel uncomfortable. This includes:

• Soup
• Soft cheese
• Yoghurt
• Scrambled eggs
• Noodles
• Soft pasta
• Soft bread

It is really important to avoid sugary/fizzy juice as this may cause damage to your teeth and braces. If you are having juice, limit it to mealtimes and drink plain milk or water between meals.

During the latter stages of your treatment, you may have clear chain placed on your brace to help close the spaces; this chain often discolours with turmeric, tomatoes, black coffee, black tea. This is perfectly normal and the chain will be changed at your next appointment.

There is a brace-friendly recipe book available in the link below: