Breakages can occur within 2 weeks of the brace being placed. This is because your mouth is still getting used to the appliance. The brace is fragile and will break if anything hard/crispy/crunchy is consumed. It is important that you make an appointment to have your brace fixed. If you are on holiday or our practice is closed, you can usually manage any discomfort yourself. For example:

The wax (shown in red) is rolled, the offending bracket dried and the wax moulded around the brace.

Wires which have come out of the molar tube– sometimes if you have eaten something hard, the wire can come out of the tube. You can replace this yourself (with tweezers) as shown in the pictures below.

Broken brackets- these can be left until you are able to see your orthodontist

Ulcers/ mouth irritation from the brace– wax is the best treatment in these cases. It is important to dry the part of the brace which is rubbing your cheek to allow the wax to stick. You will need to mould the wax around the brace to prevent it from coming off. It is recommended that you use the wax for at least 2-3 days to allow the ulcer to heal. Your cheeks will heal quickly, and usually heal with more resilience.

The brace should not continuously break, if this does happen then you might need to check your diet to ensure what you are eating is brace friendly.