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Fixed Braces Information

It is normal to experience some discomfort within a few hours of having your brace fitted. This usually settles within a few days. Here are some useful tips to help look after your brace.

• Brush your teeth 2-3 times daily. You should always ensure your toothbrush bristles are pointing towards the gum to ensure the white-sticky substance (plaque) is effectively removed from your teeth.

• An alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash is useful to take to school/work so that you can rinse your mouth in an event that you are unable to brush your teeth.

• Hard/sticky or chewy foods should be avoided. Apples, carrots or celery should be cut into small pieces and placed at the back of your mouth. Avoid biting into anything.

• Plain milk and water should be consumed in between meals; it is the safest drink for your teeth. Fizzy juice and fruit juice can cause decay around the teeth and around the brace.

• White permanent scars can occur on the teeth if you consume sugary drinks and do not brush your teeth properly. This is a sign of early tooth decay and your braces may be removed if you are not caring for them properly.

• Continuous breakages of the brace should not occur, if this does happen you will need to review your diet. Repeat breakages of the braces can cause prolonged treatment times.

• Your brace will not be “tightened” at each appointment, what happens at each appointment is the wire is changed over which can make your brace feel tighter.