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Functional Braces

These braces need your patience, they are wonderful braces and work beautifully to help correct your bite, although they can feel as if a double decker bus has been parked in your mouth at the first visit!

These braces take 2-3 weeks to get used to and it is important to wear them 24 hours per day (Removing for eating, cleaning and sports). When your brace is not being worn then you must keep it in a hard box. To clean your brace, use a liquid soap and warm water. Avoid using boiling water as this will break the appliance.

If you lose or break your brace, there are associated costs to get one made/repaired. Please look after it.

Most patients with these braces become used to wearing them. It is important to stay positive throughout your treatment, if you wear them well then you will reduce the overall treatment time.