Is it painful to place a fixed brace?

/Is it painful to place a fixed brace?
Is it painful to place a fixed brace?2017-11-13T21:46:17+00:00

Is it painful to place a fixed brace?

No, it is not painful. We place a plastic guard between your cheeks and teeth to help keep your teeth dry. A gel is painted on your teeth and washed off.

Image showing the cheek retractor (guard) in position, the gel has been placed on the teeth and there is a ‘straw’ to aspirate the saliva to keep you comfortable.

A second gel is placed on your teeth and each bracket is placed on your teeth.

The wires are placed and rubber ties “modules” are used to hold the wire in position.

After the brace has been placed

It is normal to experience discomfort from the brace once it has been fitted. The discomfort usually worsens over 24 hours and will settle within a few days. During this time, it is really important to eat a soft diet and avoid chewing pen lids/fingernails. If painkillers are required then paracetamol is recommended.

You will need to buy a single tufted toothbrush), vegetable wax and fluoride mouthwash (available to purchase at our reception) to help keep your brace clean, keep you comfortable from any unruly wires and to ensure you are protecting your teeth with fluoride. You should use this tooth brush in addition to your own brush to clean in between the wires and the brackets.

Fluoride mouthwash can be used at lunchtimes to protect against decay.

The single tuft brush can clean between the wires and the brackets.

Wax can be placed on the part of the brace which is rubbing your cheek.